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The Practical Experience Requirement: How You Can Overcome It Effectively

By participating in IEP or similar training programs, young people can overcome the "practical experience requirement" hurdle, pursue their dream jobs, and build a solid foundation for their future careers.
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What to Do After Graduation? The Gen Z Struggle

“What am I going to do after I graduate?” This is a question that haunts millions of students. The job market remains challenging, especially for young people and those in urban areas. The struggle isn’t unique to Vietnam; many developed countries also face the issue of practical experience requirements, skills gaps, and the disconnect between expectations and reality as young people enter the workforce. According to a report by the General Statistics Office, nearly 1.07 million people of working age in Vietnam were unemployed in 2023. Notably, the unemployment rate among young people (15-24 years old) remains high, particularly in urban areas.

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Finding an appropriate job is the top concern of young people


  • Unemployment rate for young people (15-24 years old): 7.62% in Q4 2023.
  • Unemployment rate for young people in urban areas: 10.20%, significantly higher than in rural areas.

Other reports also highlight the difficulties faced by job seekers, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Mass layoffs: Many companies had to downsize to cut costs due to the pandemic and economic difficulties.
  • Job shortages: The number of new jobs is not enough to meet the demand.
  • High experience requirements: Many companies set high standards for experience and specialised skills, making it even harder for fresh graduates and those with limited experience.

Minh Anh (name changed), a final-year student at a top university in Hanoi, shares, “I feel very confused and worried about the future. Even though I’ve studied hard and achieved good results, I still don’t know what I’ll do after graduation. I’m afraid I won’t find a suitable job, or worse, I’ll have to do work that’s unrelated to my field of study.”

Minh Anh is not alone. Thousands of young people graduate each year facing unemployment, working in unrelated fields, or settling for jobs that don’t match their qualifications and potential.

The “Practical Experience Requirement” Issue

One of the biggest hurdles young people face is the practical experience requirement. Most companies prefer candidates with prior experience who can start work immediately without training. However, fresh graduates haven’t had the chance to gain this experience.

“It’s such a frustrating paradox,” says Hoang Nam (name changed), a new IT graduate from Ho Chi Minh City. “Companies demand experience, but how can we get experience if we’re not hired?”

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Many students will be facing the difficult challenge of practical experience requirement

The Significant Gap Between Theory and Practice

Besides experience, the gap between what’s taught in school and the actual demands of the job is another major challenge.

“I feel like what I learned in school isn’t really useful for the workplace,” says Minh Anh. “I lack a lot of practical skills, like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking.”

The media and social networks often paint a rosy picture of success, creating unrealistic expectations for young people. When reality doesn’t match those expectations, disappointment and disillusionment can lead to serious consequences.

“I used to think that after graduating, I would easily find a good job with a high salary,” Nam shares. “But the reality was harsher than I imagined. I’ve submitted dozens of applications, gone to many interviews, but still haven’t found a suitable job.”

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Having practical experience and job-relevant skillsets is a huge advantage for winning job opportunities

The Burden of Family and Societal Pressure

In addition to the challenges of lack of experience, skills gaps, and the mismatch between expectations and reality, young people also face pressure from family and society. Parents and relatives often want their children to have stable jobs with high incomes and successful careers.

“My parents always compare me to my peers,” Minh Anh confides. “They say I have to try harder, find a good job so as not to disappoint the family.”

Amidst these difficulties and challenges, young people need to find solutions to overcome them and achieve their career dreams. One effective and practical solution is to participate in intensive internship programs that equip them with knowledge, skills, and real-world experience.

IEP: A Highly Effective Career Launchpad for Young People

Unlike other career counselling and training providers, IEP was born with a core mission: to help young people gain practical experience and overcome the practical experience requirement, equip them with specialised knowledge and skills, and experience a simulated business environment tailored to specific job positions, industries, and company sizes.

We understand that identifying one’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests is just the beginning. It’s crucial to have a concrete action plan and practical opportunities to turn that potential into reality. That’s why IEP goes beyond assessing abilities and provides you with a clear development path and real-world experience in a company setting.

Xây dựng sự nghiệp với kinh nghiệm tại IEP

IEP’s ultimate goal is to provide practical experience to those who dare to follow their passions

5 Core Values of IEP

  • Real-world experience in a simulated business environment: You’ll participate in real projects, face practical situations, and work alongside industry experts. You’ll be immersed in a professional work environment, experiencing real challenges and pressures, thereby honing your skills and gaining valuable experience, preparing you for future challenges.
  • In-depth knowledge and skills system, packaged for each position: IEP doesn’t just provide you with general knowledge; it equips you with in-depth knowledge and skills specifically designed for each job position. You’ll learn from leading industry experts with years of practical experience, helping you master the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your chosen field.
  • Opportunities to experience diverse industries and company sizes: Are you passionate about business but don’t know where to start? Or do you want to try your hand at different fields to find the best fit? IEP offers you the chance to experience working in various industries and company sizes, from dynamic startups to large corporations. This helps you broaden your horizons, explore your interests, and discover the career path that’s right for you.
  • Dedicated mentor support: Throughout your internship, you’ll be accompanied by experienced and enthusiastic mentors. They’ll guide, support, and inspire you on your journey to pursue your passion. You’ll receive valuable advice, practical experience sharing, and encouragement to overcome any difficulties and challenges.
  • Building a professional network: IEP facilitates connections with experts, recruiters, and other talented young people in the industry. This is an opportunity to expand your network, learn from others, and find job opportunities after graduation.

The journey into the real world isn’t always easy, but with thorough preparation, a proactive spirit, and support from programs like IEP, young people can overcome the “practical experience requirement” hurdle, pursue their dream jobs, and build a solid foundation for their future careers. Believe in yourself, never stop learning and growing, and you will find success on your career path.


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