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Unlocking career of excellence with the D-C-K-T-K formula: A strategic guide for young talents

Proactively seek opportunities to accumulate experience and apply the D-C-K-T-K formula to kickstart your successful career.

Building a successful career is a journey that starts early, especially for young people and university students. However, many young individuals face a significant challenge: high unemployment rates. Companies often prefer candidates with experience, making it difficult for new graduates to find jobs. To help you overcome this hurdle, Mr. Nguyen Dang Truong Huy, Founder and CEO of OKR.BUSINESS, a consulting, coaching, and talent development firm, shared the D-C-K-T-K formula during a series of interactive talkshows with colleges and universities across the country.


Mr. Nguyen Dang Truong Huy, MBA – Strategic Management, Founder and CEO of OKR.BUSINESS

Decoding the D-C-K-T-K Formula

D-C-K-T-K stands for “Distill – Improve – Knowledge – Experience – Expertise.” You can apply these five essential steps in the suggested order to almost any activity in life, from education to career development.


The formula that empowers you to grow and achieve success in any fields

Step 1 – Knowledge:

Knowledge is the most fundamental foundation for everything, including your career. Knowledge is broad and encompasses everything you learn in school, what you learn independently, and what you learn from others, including friends, colleagues, teachers, and parents. Always be curious and eager to learn, as understanding information will give you a broader perspective in your career.

Step 2 – Expertise:

This is the most crucial element of the D-C-K-T-K formula. Accumulating practical experience makes you more attractive to employers. Having “expertise” is the clearest signal that you’re ready to contribute immediately upon joining a company and minimizes the need for extensive training in essential soft skills.

Step 3 – Experience:

Real-world experience is essential. Through internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer work, you’ll encounter various situations and emotions in practice, helping you apply what you’ve learned. These experiences not only enhance your CV but also build your confidence when facing challenges.

Step 4 – Distill:

This is the process of synthesizing and connecting what you’ve learned and experienced. When you distill, you’ll uncover valuable lessons and gain multiple perspectives to better understand how different knowledge and skills intertwine, making you more flexible and creative when encountering similar situations in the future.

Step 5 – Improve:

This is the most strategic step in personal development. Always seek solutions to improve past situations and perform better in the future. Whether it’s learning a new skill, enhancing existing skills, or finding new approaches to problem-solving, continuous improvement is the key to any great success. This keeps you innovative, maintains your competitiveness, enhances your capabilities, and prepares you for new challenges.

The Importance of “Expertise” in the D-C-K-T-K Formula

Talkshow hướng nghiệp tại UEH

Mr. Huy shared this advice with young talents during a career-oriented talkshow at UEH

Expertise is a key success factor throughout your career journey.

Top Priority for Employers:

Not only in Vietnam but also globally, most companies tend to prioritize hiring individuals with at least six months of practical experience. These candidates can quickly adapt to new work environments, familiarize themselves with assigned tasks, and often contribute more effectively without requiring extensive training.

Effective Skill Application:

Practical experience helps you apply your academic knowledge to real-world situations flexibly, making you more efficient and confident in handling tasks.


Working in internships or part-time jobs provides opportunities to meet, exchange ideas, and learn from experts in your field, opening doors for future support and collaboration.

Practical Solutions for Gaining Experience

Let’s explore the following suggestions for gaining effective practical experience.

  • Internships:

    Seek internships related to your field of study. This is the most effective way to gain practical experience and the skills needed to start your career. OKR.BUSINESS’s IEP training program is one of the most pioneering and effective solutions available in the market today.

  • Part-time jobs:

    Utilize any free time for a job, even if it’s not directly related to your field. Any job can teach you valuable skills and work habits.

Tự tin ứng tuyển vị trí mình yêu thích

Confidently apply for your dream job with the experience you’ve gained

  • Volunteering:

    Volunteer work makes a positive impression on future employers. Participating in volunteer projects demonstrates your initiative, ability to contribute, and willingness to give back, which are valuable additions to your CV.

  • Freelancing:

    This is a popular option for young people in today’s modern economy. Take on freelance projects to build a portfolio and gain practical experience in your field of interest.

Tích lũy kinh nghiệm thực tiễn cùng chương trình đào tạo IEP

Gaining practical experience with the IEP Training Program

The D-C-K-T-K formula is a highly effective strategic framework that provides a clear path for young people to achieve career success. By focusing on gaining practical experience, you can enhance your employability and effectively navigate the competitive job market.

Proactively seek opportunities to accumulate experience and apply the D-C-K-T-K formula to kickstart your successful career.

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