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Effective Internship: Your Valuale Opportunity Of Grabbing A Slice of Real-World Experience

Become a candidate that employers can't refuse by immediately accumulating practical experience, skills needed for your dream job, and applying useful knowledge from the classroom to business operations through the effective internship process, which is attractive to young professionals
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So, you’ve finished uni, what’s next? This question has probably left you feeling a bit lost at some point, right? Thanks to technology, finding information on choosing a field, university, profession, assessing your abilities, personality tests and more, is just a click away for young people today. However, when faced with such a “maze” of information, there’s one keyword that stands out not only to young people but also to many parents who trust in it when it comes to building a solid career foundation – “Internship”. Just what is an effective internship and why does it hold so much power? Why is it important for those who want to pursue their passions? Let’s dive into this topic with OKR.BUSINESS!

Young professionals

To intern or not to intern? Let’s find out!

Beyond your imagination of “working for free”

Some people think that interning is just working without pay, a waste of time and not worth the effort. However, the truth is, there are many more benefits to interning than you might think. Internships are not just about “working for free”, especially for students. Consider what you can gain from interning from a different perspective.

  1. Elevate your professional skills:

Ever feel like the knowledge you gain in the classroom is too theoretical and you don’t know how to apply it? Effective Internships are the perfect bridge between theory and practice. You’ll get to work on real-life projects, use professional tools that you’ve only seen in textbooks before. This will give you a better understanding of your chosen field, how to apply what you’ve learned to solve real problems, and more importantly, develop professional skills that no classroom can teach you.

For example, if you’re studying marketing, an excellent internship will give you the opportunity to experience real-world marketing campaigns, analyse market data, or even plan a major event. If you’re studying programming, you’ll get to work on software development projects, use the latest technologies, and learn from experienced programmers.

  1. Maximise your transferable skills:

Transferable skills are those “golden” skills that every employer looks for. Effective communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving are just a few of the skills that will make you stand out and advance quickly in your career.

Internships are the perfect training ground to hone these skills. You’ll interact with colleagues, clients, partners, and learn how to communicate effectively, persuade, and build relationships. You’ll also work in a team, learn how to collaborate, share, and resolve conflicts. These are essential skills for building a strong foundation for your future career.

Young professionals

Confidently apply the academic skills you gained during your internship

  1. Discover your career passion:

Are you sure you’ve chosen the right career? Are you still wondering which path will help you thrive? An internship can help you answer these questions. By experiencing the job first-hand, you’ll get a better understanding of the requirements, challenges, and opportunities in your chosen field. If it’s a good fit, you can confidently pursue your passion. If not, tadaaa, you have plenty of time to change, experiment, and find a new direction that suits you better.

  1. A full combo of skills:

Internships not only help you learn and develop skills directly related to your field, but also provide opportunities to learn and develop other skills that will directly and indirectly support your development. For example, you might learn how to write reports, give presentations, organise events, manage projects, and more. These skills will be your “secret weapons” that make you shine and become a more well-rounded and attractive candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

Young professionals

Effective teamwork and persuasive presentation skills are vital in the workplace

Effective intership is a “golden ticket”

There are different paths and options for each young person’s career development. However, in many cases, not just in Vietnam but also around the world, interning, gaining real-world experience, and learning from different companies is often a highly successful option that serves as the foundation for future achievements. Here are four key benefits to consider:

  1. An outstanding CV:

A CV with relevant internship experience will make you stand out among hundreds of other applicants. Most employers will value and prioritise candidates who have real-world work experience, know how to apply their knowledge in practice, and have developed other essential job-related skills. This experience can come from university projects, part-time jobs, or extracurricular activities that you dedicated your time and effort to and contributed positively to society, even while still in school.

  1. Wider job opportunities:

Many companies have a policy of giving priority to intern hiring to the interns who have performed well during the internship. This is a great opportunity to showcase your abilities and potential to a company with a suitable position. It’s a great way to kick-start your career and find a job that matches your skills right after graduation.

Young professionals

Practical experience during your internship will help you to better refine the knowledge you have learned

  1. Practical Knowledge:

Internships help you connect the dots between what you’ve learnt in theory and what happens in the real world. They transform dry knowledge into real-life experiences. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how a business operates, how to apply specific knowledge to solve problems, and how people work together to overcome challenges—all essential skills for your future career. Knowledge, experience, learning, and improvement—these are the D-C-K-T-K elements of OKR.BUSINESS—a simple yet highly effective formula that young professionals can use to improve their quality of life and build successful careers.

  1. Experience Is A True Diamond:

Practical experience is something you can’t (or don’t yet) get in the classroom. The saying “life is not a fairytale” is funny but also very true. Through hard work, facing challenges, and overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals, you’ll learn more about yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses. This will help you create a clearer and more comprehensive plan for your personal and professional development. “Pressure creates diamonds,” and you’re the uncut gem waiting to shine.

Quick tips for choosing and doing an effective Internship:

  • Look for opportunities: Don’t be afraid to search far and wide for an internship that’s right for you. Attend career fairs, recruitment events, and use reputable job search websites. Be selective and avoid applying to places you’re not genuinely interested in.
  • Prepare thoroughly: Your CV, outfit, interview skills, and overall presentation should all be on point. Show your professionalism and seriousness right from the start.
  • Learn continuously: Internships are a great way to learn and grow. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek help from colleagues and supervisors, and always be open to feedback that can help you improve.
  • Build relationships: Networking is invaluable throughout your career. Take advantage of your internship to connect with colleagues, managers, and industry professionals. They may open doors to new opportunities in the future.
Young professionals

Become the candidate that employers can’t refuse


So, are you ready to step into the world of work with confidence? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the IEP’s intensive and effective internship program. At IEP, you’ll get more than just on-the-job training from industry experts. You’ll experience a real business environment and develop essential skills for career success. What are you waiting for? Find out more about IEP today!

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