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OKR.BUSINESS and ClassIn announce strategic partnership in professional training

This strategic partnership is a significant step towards empowering the Vietnamese workforce by addressing the critical need for enhanced professional skills and expertise.
Hợp tác chiến lược OKR.Business x ClassIn

On May 27, 2024 – OKR.BUSINESS, a pioneering provider of talent training, career orientation, and professional consultancy services, and ClassIn Vietnam, a leading education technology company offering a comprehensive ecosystem of professional teaching platforms, smart classrooms, virtual labs, and cutting-edge technology products for Online-merge-Offline, and blended learning, announced a comprehensive strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to drive positive change in education and elevate the professional training of Vietnam’s talented workforce by integrating high-quality, practical training programs with advanced online learning platforms.

Hợp tác chiến lược OKR.Business x ClassIn

Mr. Nguyen Đang Truong Huy – Founder and CEO of OKR.Business and Mr Nguyen Quang Vu – Country Manager of ClassIn Vietnam signing the strategic partnership agreement

A pioneering collaboration in professional training

The strategic partnership between OKR.BUSINESS and ClassIn leverage the unique strengths of both organizations to create exceptional opportunities for the Vietnamese young professionals. OKR.BUSINESS’s Internship of Excellence Program (IEP), known for its practical, results-oriented approach, seamlessly integrates with ClassIn’s innovative virtual classroom technology.


Standard online classroom model – One of the key Edtech services of ClassIn Vietnam

Mr. Nguyen Dang Truong Huy, Founder and CEO of OKR.BUSINESS, mentioned: “This strategic partnership is a testament to the commitment of both organizations to elevate the quality of training and develop Vietnam’s human resources. We share a common vision for the future of education, one that is learner-centric and provides access to the most advanced training methods while fostering the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills from the earliest stages of education. By combining the OKR management principles and integrated training methodology of IEP with ClassIn’s advanced educational technology platform, we are confident in creating a more comprehensive learning ecosystem, bridging the gap between theory and practice – a challenge not only for Vietnam but also for the global community.”

Hợp tác chiến lược OKR.Business x ClassIn

Leaders from OKR.BUSINESS and ClassIn discussed their shared vision and shared value for the future collaboration.

Shared goals and values

The collaboration between OKR.BUSINESS and ClassIn focuses on three strategic objectives:

  1. Enhancing practical learning experiences:

    Learners will benefit from comprehensive and immersive training experiences through the integration of ClassIn’s cutting-edge digital classroom capabilities with OKR.BUSINESS’s realistic business simulations.

  2. Elevating service quality:

    Delivering a more comprehensive and holistic training service to a wider range of talented young individuals across Vietnam through a flexible combination of the OMO (Online-Merge-Offline) model and modern hybrid work culture, creating ample development space and prioritizing effectiveness over traditional micromanagement.

  3. Promoting Practical Value:

    Emphasizing practical results and high applicability in the business environment upon completion of training programs and services. Whether it’s students seeking to gain experience in a corporate setting or young individuals pursuing their chosen passions, the training program welcomes and creates opportunities for everyone to build a solid career foundation.

Mutual Benefits and Future Growth

The strategic partnership between OKR.Business and ClassIn Vietnam promises to unlock significant business opportunities and foster mutual growth, including service expansion, training innovation, and enhanced market presence for both parties.

Hợp tác chiến lược OKR.Business x ClassIn

This strategic partnership opens up a promising future for both companies.

As Mr. Nguyen Dang Truong Huy further elaborated: “We are delighted about this collaboration with ClassIn Vietnam. Together, OKR.Business and our partners in future all aspire to contribute to elevating the standards of education and professional training services in Vietnam, delivering more practical value to users and positively impacting the national workforce.”

Finally, this strategic partnership between OKR.BUSINESS and ClassIn revolutionize professional training in Vietnam, empowering young professionals with practical skills, career guidance, and access to quality internships through innovative programs and cutting-edge digital learning platforms.

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