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SEO strategy – Understanding the new core update from Google, Jul 2021

Hello the top digital marketers and SEO experts,

I have read many questions from friends and co-workers from digital industries about big changes in Google newly rolled-out core update. Hence, I want to give my summary key insights from this core update as your reference. Hope they could give you a signal for your business.

Enough freaky! 😄 Just joking. Firstly, you can read more articles about this update but to me, those 2 sites can give you a general picture:

google algorithm update 1024x640 1 1

And here are quick takeaways for you:

  1. Greatly improve the bot reading content ability more natural and not based on the exact keywords (now Google search can understand better even if each of the search terms scattered over the whole article)
  2. Structurize and categorize the searchable content into more various types (questions, maps, ecom, quotes, knowledge, know-how, definition, analysis…)
  3.  Provide more relevant info to the specific search terms through the knowledge panel (ask 1 thing, GG provides you 4 more of the most common questions/answer of the previous one)
  4. Improve the ranking score based on the keyword popularity (for ex, right away has the same meaning with immediately, but right away has ~4B search results and immediately has ~1B search results. The the right away will gain a better keyword score in general)
  5. Give more ranking score to those long keywords which are close to a question (to fit more with the user exp in various cases when a user search for info)

Thanks for reading my piece. Leave me your thoughts and ideas about this. I would love to hear from you.

Huy @ OKR.Business

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