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Internship Of Excellence Program (IEP)

Why us?


More than an internship. This is the beginning of your journey to a Career of Excellence.

The program not only helps talented students experience comprehensive career development but also prepares themselves for real challenges through activities adapted to market’s requirements. After completing the program, you are expected to enhance work-force readiness, standing out from today’s overcrowded job market.

This is a comprehensive combination of necessary skills for the job, the corporate environment and practical career experience, and is certified with prestige upon completion.

The program is designed to match the practical needs of businesses in the context of global integration to help bridge the gap of traditional education models and help students find their favorite job in a short time.

Open patches:

Be a Creative Content Creator

To equip you with a solid foundation in content creation, from basic knowledge to specialized skills, helping you confidently take on an Executive Content Marketing position at leading enterprises after 6 months.
Admission closes on 31/07

Become a business growth factor

This training program is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, prepare you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in this exciting field.
Admission closes on 31/07

(Coming soon) IEP for Digital Marketer

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Program Structure

Tiered Certification System:

Standard Certificate

Awarded to all participants who successfully complete the program.

Distinction Certificate

For those achieving 90-99% of the set targets/KPIs.

Excellence Certificate

For top achievers who meet 100% of the targets/KPIs or more.

Program Benefits

For Participants

For our Partners

To ensure their commitment to the entire program, participants will make a program commitment and pay a retention fee equivalent to 6 – month internship.

To encourage enthusiastic participation, OKR Business is currently offering the following benefits:

  1. Scholarships of up to 80% for individuals who successfully complete the set goals
  2. Experience certificate
  3. Internship confirmation
  4. Skills transcripts 
  5. Work performance confirmation
  6. Personal skill assessment matrix

Participants earning the Distinction and Excellence certificates are guaranteed a job offer within the company, including a minimum salary, acknowledging their high level of achievement and contribution.

A dedicated section on the company’s website to showcase success stories of Distinction and Excellence achievers, serving as motivation and testament to the program’s value.


Part-time (est. 4h/day)

Language requirements

Vietnamese and English

This program is suitable for

Senior students and anyone eagers to seek to embrace new opportunities


June 2024
Jun 01
01 June 2024

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